Travelling Book Stall

Pre-loved books for discerning and adventurous readers

Big Up Words has a small tea trolley full of pre-loved books at HSBC Andover. These book help raise funds for Big Up Words Events during our year. We are very thankful to HSBC for their support.

Travelling pre-loved books highlight

Big Thank You to Appleshaw Fete committee who have donated pre-loved books for our travelling bookstall in HSBC. We will be putting the new books on the stall most Saturdays.
Just a thought, instead of using our earth’s resources and adding to the plastic, why not pick up a second hand or pre-loved book for a Christmas present. If you wrap it in a non-shiny Christmas paper it will be able to be recycled.

If you would like to donate books to the stall please email Cat Randle at