“It happened in Hampshire,” a new play by Andoverian playwright Roy Chatfield.

The team that brought Andover ‘And Now We Tell Our Tale’ are returning to the Lights. Roy Chatfield’s new play  ‘It Happened In Hampshire’ will be staged there with a professional cast on Tuesday 5 February 2019.  It will also be visiting local schools.

Roy Chatfield

Roy Chatfield

It Happened In Hampshire’ is an irreverent romp through Hampshire’s past, incorporating music, rap and audience participation. Highlights include

  • Alfred defeating the Danes in The Great Wessex Bake Off
  • The Story of Edgar and Elfrida, as told by Jane Austen
  • A very civil Civil War.
  • Supernurse V the grime army
  • A starring role for an Iceberg
  • The secret of Spitfire modification XXX

The show is family friendly and you can book at The Lights.



Andover comes alive at The Lights

Come along to The Lights 10 February 2016 to see five professional actors bring alive Andover in the

1960’s, a decade that changed the town for ever.

Based on the memories of local people, And Now We Tell Our Tale was originally written by Roy

Chatfield as a youth theatre piece for fifty-four children and young adults successfully staged last

February. Roy has now rewritten it for five professional actors, and includes additional stories from

the interviews.

The five actors selected are

Nick Bull

Charlotte Ellis

Verity Hewlett

Sharon O’Leary

Fraser Wilson

Director John Baxter is looking forward to working with this enthusiastic and experienced team of

actors. ‘It is an event in itself that we’re bringing professional actors into local schools. That it’s a piece

of theatre about Andover and created wholly in Andover makes it unique.’

In addition to the public performance, the cast will be giving performances and workshops in local


The Performance begins at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £5 (concessions £3), obtainable from The Lights.

There will also be a Q & A session with the cast and team after the performance.

The project is supported by HCC, TVBC, Test Valley Arts Foundation and The Lights.

Steve Scholey or the best thing I found at Winchester Writers Conference 2012

“I’ve given up sending things to writing competitions,” said Steve Scholey. “When I send them off, they disappear and nothing ever happens.”

I was shocked. Steve had read an amazing poem at Winchester Writers conference’s open mic. It was clear to me that he was an amazing poet.

I was also shocked that he was letting the loneliness of the long distance writer stop him.  I pushed my chair’s card into his hand and unleashed my best uplifting talk. I think he promised to send something in, just so he could go home.

The next week a breathtaking poem called Grubby Fingers was entered into Andover’s poetry competition. 3 months later, he won and since then he’s been to Andover at least 3 times to perform, twice in front of the mayor.

Small threads.  This is what I want you to take away from this

1)   When you are at Winchester Writers conference, you may be talking to your next big career break. Winchester Open Mic is where I go to check out poets and writers for our upcoming projects.

2)   Send out everything (just not the first draft).

3)   Enter our poetry competition because you could win.

4)   Enter our poetry competition because you go on display even if you don’t win.

5)   Every writer needs a writing buddy or a good friend to talk to for writing support.

6)   Did I mention Winchester Writers conference has given many people the break in their career? Oh yeah, well it’s true.

This year Winchester Writers conference is June 21st-22nd-23rd at The University of Winchester. You can find our poetry competition under the Projects menu, title poetry. Steve’s winning poem is just below his picture.

Steve reading out his poetry at Andover Celebration of  National Poetry Day

Steve reading out his poetry at Andover Celebration of National Poetry Day

Grubby fingers

She gathered up the ashes
of the spade,
the garden fork,
carefully planted roses
in the shed,

stamped on her
father’s urn,
more firmly
than was perhaps

tipped soil
and a full bucket of water
into the foot
of each green
wellington boot,

as it trickled from holes
altogether wider and deeper
than the muddied recollections
of her father,

gently placed
her tear-stained eyes
in her own deep pocket,
in the hope that
they might grow,

and dabbed
with grubby fingers
at her clean white handkerchief.

Steve Scholey

Feature poet:Ann Hamilton

DSCF5280When Ann was voted as audience choice in February 2013, we weren’t surprised. We did surprise us was she it was her second poetry reading. Her first in Andover was at Big Up Words celebration of National Poetry Day in October 2012. She impressed Steve Scholey, who was the winner of Andover Poetry competition 2012, with her mix of wit and self-deprecating humour. Andover by adoption, she lives in a village close to the town centre. She is currently building up a collection of her poetry on her open blog site Annode shades of life http://annode.wordpress.com and says of herself,
“I’m seventy-two years young,confirming the rumour
That despite my life I’ve  a sense of humour.”
Her next first as part of the 7 of the best. She will have a longer slot performing with the audience choice poets on Saturday May 11th at 1pm, at the Cafe Bridge. SP101BE