Winner of the Andover Section of Andovers Poetry competition 2014

Winner of the Andover Section Bobbie Coelho


The tongue that speaks a thousand words
Also tastes as many dishes
But the latter needs no words
Just the look says it’s delicious
So many happy faces
And ingredients from many places That’s why I love baking
Not just any undertaking
But many other lessons
If you wish to take them
Tomatoes and oranges warmed by Mediterranean sun
With herbs that tingle the senses of everyone
Hot spices for every occasion
Together with the story
Of their journey to our nation
It is also a culture lesson
For you only have to think of a dish
And the country pops before you
Most of all, baking is a loving thing
Which gives pleasure to a loved one
Where the journey begins

Bobbie Coelho was born in Norwich and has been writing poetry for many years.  She has produced 2 anthologies of poetry. Finding the Light in 2010 and more recently Reflecting the Light. She is married to Steve and has two stepson’s and 3 grandchildren.

Reflecting the Light is available on the Travelling Bookstall.