The Travelling Bookstore goes to St Paul’s Church Centre

On Saturday 18th from 9.30 until 12.30, The Travelling Bookstall will be at St Paul’s Church Centre at Smannell Road, SP11 6 JP.

The Travelling Bookstall is made up of members books, cards and promotions. You can browse or buy if you like. We were invited to promote what we do around Andover. So we’ve asked some of our group to read from their works. Sally Startup, Bryn Beggs, Ken Towell and Cat Randle are going to read and if you have a children’s poem bring it along and we’ll slot you in.

We are focusing mainly on children’s and young adults books but if you want to catch us up for a chat about Big Up Words and what’s happening that’s a good time. We’ll also have members forms as well.

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Look forward to seeing you there.