Big Up Words free festival week at Chapel Arts Studio

Big Up Words are holding 3 free events at Chapel Arts Studio. Two events on September 9th and 11th will commemorate World War 1 and Roy Chatfield is holding an open reading of his latest play on September 12th.

“What World War1 means to us,” is an open poetry reading, including local poets Dan Hooks and Bobbie Coelho who has written a poem for the occasion. People are encouraged to bring a poem that means a lot to them. The event starts at 7.30pm on September 9th.

The second event that commemorates World War 1 is “When the Lamps when out-25 war poems by 25 poets.” Roy Chatfield has collated 25 poems at cover colonial, women’s and war experiences of WW1. Starting time is 7.30pm

Duncan’s Dreams is Roy Chatfield’s latest play. Acted by well known drama teacher John Baxter and directed by Ian Flintoff (founder of Shakespeare United.) Roy has written a prequel to Macbeth.

“A big thank you to David Dixon, for giving us the opportunity to use the Chapel Arts Studio,” says Chair Cat Randle. “The intimate space is perfect for the personal performances we have on offer. Big Up Words ethos is to help promote local writers and performers. Thanks to the support of Test Valley Arts Foundation, we can offer all these quality events are free.”

Due to limited seating booking is recommended via Big Up Words website.

Here is a map to help you find Chapel Arts Studio

How to find Chapel Arts Studio

How to find Chapel Arts Studio

Arts v Meals-on-wheels – Is It True?

Westminster Council has cut its £350,000 arts budget to zero. It was, they say, a choice between arts or meals on wheels.

Programmes affected will be:-
1) Youth projects run by Soho Theatre, Dream Arts and Paddington Arts
2) Dance classes for the elderly run by English National Ballet
3) Streetwise Opera, which works with the homeless to turn their lives round through singing.

Westminster Council are also appointing a Communications Director (Salary excluding Employers NI, Pension contributions and benefits £125,000) to join their Deputy Head of Communications (£90,000) and Head of Media Relations (£82,000).

As they say in The States, go figure!