The Colourful Adventures of Merciful Grace travels to Southampton

How are you? Doing okay, FAB! I have got my first ever comedy show at The Art House on Saturday the 4th at 7.30. We are saying a donation of £5.00 which is going to The Art House. It’s The colourful Adventures of Merciful Grace, part pantomime, part dad jokes, and some poetry honest. If you’d like to come along book here

This is my go at a steampunk pantomime AND it even has a pirate. We’re going to hold a competition so you can win yourself a steampunk parrot, called Albert Ross. Yes not really a parrot, but you did smile for a moment didn’t you.

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Let’s look after The Art House the way its been looking after us.
Hugs Cat Randle (aka Merciful Grace the Mechanical Maid)


Lesley Scott put the ‘oh’ in ode at The Art House

We’re fond of Lesley Scott . She was spotted at Moving Voices and the team of Syd Meats and  Cat Randle encouraged her to come to The Teapoets Collective. In our small supportive venue Lesley flourished. We were so proud of her when she competed in SO:Speak Slam at The Dancing Man on October 31st. Now she has her very first support gig. We here at Big Up Words are letting out a whoop whoop of encouragement that our Teapoet brethren are doing SO WELL
This is her event in her own words
Come and see Lesley’s Virgin Slot?!  Ummm, sorry that may give you the wrong idea.  I’m the girl whose car had sex (without my permission), who divulges the seedy undercover world of pensioners ( you’d be surprised at what they get up to!), the inside story of office meetings and all those characters you will recognise If you’ve ever suffered such a meeting, ducks (well, why not?! ), finding love in Asda and more.  I put the “oh!” in ode and the fun in “function”!  So come to my function and support my opening slot at on the 5th March 2016 at The Art House and then watch Rob Gee perform afterwards!
Lesley Scott wows audiences with her humour at her first slam

Lesley Scott wows audiences with her humour at her first slam