Digital Sabbath

We take lovely time out along Long Bay beach

We take lovely time out along Long Bay beach

Social media is frenetic and changing constantly. The weight of the information passing through can be over whelming.

I spend a lot of my time as a social media consultant educating my clients on how they can reduce or manage their social media marketing in balance with their other small business needs.

Social media is a lot like being a manager of a student radio station. You need to make sure the station is ‘on the air’ at all times. Everyone does a lot of listening. We weren’t designed to work 7 days a week.

So I started having a no social media, no computer, no interactive on line electronics day. A day off from devices.

Thanks the The School of Life video’s on You tube, I’ve learnt its called a digital Sabbath. It helps me stay grounded and I’ve learnt if something really important happens, then my friends will tell me, to my face. Try it. Turn off your phone, such down your computer and switch off your Ipad one day a week and just relax.