National Poetry Day is celebrated on Love Andover Radio today

National Poetry Day 2018 is on Thursday 4th October 2018 and the theme this year is ‘Change’.

Andover Radio’s Poet Laureate Daniel Hooks (“The Alien Poet”) has recorded  budding poets from around Andover to take part.

“We will broadcast one poem every hour during National Poetry Day”.

Daniel has recorded a wide range of poets from all over Andover. So tune in to listen to the sound of Andover Poetry today.

Melodic comedy at Andover Afternoon Poetry Cafe

Two comic Hampshire poetry giants, Syd Meats and Ivor Bundell are the March guest for the Andover Afternoon Poetry Cafe.

Ivor Bundell former secretary for Big Up Words is the founder of Secret Poetry at It is a website which publishes free downloads, an occasional e-zine and sells poetry online. Ivor was M.C at the Poetry cafe pilot at the Bridge in 2012. He’s best remembered for his humorous poetry about carrots.

Ivor has produced three albums with his brother Kevan and a solo album entitled ‘Heart & Stone’. A poet, singer-songwriter and near novelist, Ivor hails from the Meon Valley and writes about the natural world and local history.

Guest musician Syd Meats is Romsey songwriter and poet.  In Syd’s early career he worked for the BBC writing songs for Nottingham BBC local radio.

In the 90’s he fronted surreal indie band Meet The Vicar, and also wrote and performed a one man show Meats Saves The Planet which was a mixture of songs and spoken word.  During this period his brushes with the famous included having a cup of tea in the same room as Barbara Windsor and speaking to Ernie Wise on the phone twice.

His musical Christmas guest spot at the Teapoet Collective was called a triumph. In a recent street performance in Andover, he re-wrote the town’s history to include a Viking founder with the unfortunate name of Eric The Hippopotamus. Not only have Syd’s songs been heard on local and national radio, but they have also been used to teach English in the Sudan and Natural History in the UK.

“We’re really excited to have such a fantastic talent coming to Andover,” said organiser Cat Randle.

Andover Afternoon poetry cafe is held on the second Saturday of the month at The Rendezvous Cafe, 8 Union St, Andover, SP10 1PA. The first half of the afternoon is reserved for local poets, entertainers and acoustic musicians. The guest spots are after a tea break with cakes supplied by The Great British Tea & Cake company.

“We picked the Rendezvous Cafe because it is has excellent disabled access. We are able to accommodate wheel chairs because it’s all on the level. I’m amazed at how well it’s doing. The big surprise was the special needs poets. One lady, Rosie, has come to every cafe and last time got up and performed a poem from memory. She even wrote us all our own copy so we could understand what she was saying. It was brilliant! “ said Cat Randle.

The cafe organisers are grateful for the support of  Pat West councillor grant and Hampshire County Council.

Andover Afternoon Poetry Cafe, March 28th from 1.30pm to 3.30pm at the Rendezvous Cafe, 8 Union St, Andover SP 10 1PA.

Syd Meats having a cup of tea.

Syd Meats having a cup of tea.

Ivor Bundell musing on Meon Valley

Ivor Bundell musing on Meon Valley

Poetry Competition

Don’t forget, the theme for the Big Up Words 2014 poetry competition is FOOD and the first prize is a slim volume of the winners’ own poems to be produced by PNS Publishing. Now that summer is here, get writing, poets! The competition closes for entries on 31st August.
More information here:

A tale of steampunks, pirates and poets, brought to you by Big Up Words

Steampunk pirate poets

I entered the pirate drinking-den to find a mechanical maid was serving… tea? 

Steampunk pirate poet performance

Poet pirates performed. They were joined on stage by the mechanical maid.

Sally and Ivor, steampunk pirate poets I helped Erik the Viking pirate and musical pirate Ivor to organise games of the mechanical maid’s devising.

Ivor, Erik and Sally, steampunk pirate poets.

Poor Erik slumped a bit under the weight of responsibility.

But, shiver-me-timbers, a jolly fine time was had by one and all.

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The poets of the Steampunk pirates and poets party.

The party has an open mic and we can now announce that Mr Carrot aka Ivor Bundell, Paul Owens (one of this years winners of the Andover poetry competition), Steve Scholey (1st prize in 2012) and David Gandy have all booked slots. We do have about 4 spaces but that doesn’t incude the ones we will have reserved on the night. So the poets are all in force. Waiting to hear back from the pirates.

Paul Owen when he's not a pirate

Paul Owen when he’s not a pirate

Steve reading out his poetry at Andover Celebration of  National Poetry Day
Steve reading out his poetry at Andover Celebration of National Poetry Day

Ivor sailing the high seas!

Ivor sailing the high seas!


Poetry Cafe Today! (Sat May 11th)

Cafe Bridge, Andover, 12:30 – 15:00, Saturday 11th May.

Audience Choice: 7 Poets Perform their Greatest Hits – expect the unexpected!

Entry  £2 on the door.  All proceeds towards Cafe Bridge by way of thanks for providing venue.

Informal meeting from 15:00 – 16:00 at Propaganda to discuss ideas for future Andover Poetry Cafes – all invited.