A tale of steampunks, pirates and poets, brought to you by Big Up Words

Steampunk pirate poets

I entered the pirate drinking-den to find a mechanical maid was serving… tea? 

Steampunk pirate poet performance

Poet pirates performed. They were joined on stage by the mechanical maid.

Sally and Ivor, steampunk pirate poets I helped Erik the Viking pirate and musical pirate Ivor to organise games of the mechanical maid’s devising.

Ivor, Erik and Sally, steampunk pirate poets.

Poor Erik slumped a bit under the weight of responsibility.

But, shiver-me-timbers, a jolly fine time was had by one and all.

All images by www.fizit.co.uk 


Arrgh one day away from the Steampunk, pirates and poets party me hearty

We are excited. We’ve sorted out 5 piles of prizes for the costumes. We’ve arranged for a photographer to take photo’s. Here’s his site,

We’ve worked out at LEAST three Steampunk party games! The Bundell Brothers and Syd Meats have piratey songs. And David Gandy has cancelled so there is more space for poets. The Travelling bookstall will be there for your bookish needs. The pub are ready for us and yes me hearties they will be selling rum!
Here be the co-ordinates for yeah Tom-Tom navigator The Globe, 23 High Street, Andover, Hampshire  SP10 1LJ and we be opening the doors up stairs at 7.20.
Be ready to party me hearties!

The poets of the Steampunk pirates and poets party.

The party has an open mic and we can now announce that Mr Carrot aka Ivor Bundell, Paul Owens (one of this years winners of the Andover poetry competition), Steve Scholey (1st prize in 2012) and David Gandy have all booked slots. We do have about 4 spaces but that doesn’t incude the ones we will have reserved on the night. So the poets are all in force. Waiting to hear back from the pirates.

Paul Owen when he's not a pirate

Paul Owen when he’s not a pirate

Steve reading out his poetry at Andover Celebration of  National Poetry Day
Steve reading out his poetry at Andover Celebration of National Poetry Day

Ivor sailing the high seas!

Ivor sailing the high seas!