Over All winner of the Andover Poetry competition Graeme Sandford


Graeme Sandford Over all winner of the competition

Graeme Sandford Over all winner of the competition

 A Recipe for Sautéed Shakespeare

Take one Puck and griddle the Earth, mid-simmer, for forty minutes, with acorns to taste.
Add a pound of flesh, take arms, end them, use every man after his dessert, without waste
Insert your Guildenstern and your Rosencrantz heads first, as you must;

Ingrate a little Lear of Corn., preferably wind-blown from the heath, for the crust;

Sieve a freshly blooded Montague and a young Capulet into the mix, checking expiry dates.

Blend in, if you can, one ripe Caliban with water and berries, or if unavailable a Trinculo or Stephano (Caliban’s ‘mates’)

If the flavour seems somewhat sweet to you, a pinch moor of Othello’s handkerchief can be folded in

Dust nightly with a spot of Lady M. to garnish, or cheat by using leaves from Dunsinane.

Serve i’ the heat, accompanied with Caesar salad, Dogberry sauce and I pray you watch

How a rich and full-bodied Malmsey will accompany this nicely – but don’t serve with Scotch!

A few words about Graeme Sandford, by Graeme Sandforld

I ‘love’ words! I get great satisfaction from arranging and rearranging them to form exquisite poetry (in my opinion) and the performance of many of these poems has brought me (and others?) a great deal of pleasure.

I also ‘love’ Shakespeare – and any chance I get I purloin a phrase from the Bard to improve my works tremendously – He has said nothing on this – therefore I assume he approves.

 my words (or at least some of them) are available to taste on www.graemesandford.wordpress.com