Calling anyone who wants to help

We’re currently fundraising to relaunch our poetry cafe. We have been very lucky to be able to bag pack and Asda. Basically we turn up, this time 4 pm on Thursday 28th. Then we stand at the end of the isle and offer to pack bags. Half the time people don’t want us to ┬ápack bags but they will give us change.

But here’s the thing. It’s a great way of talking to people who don’t know we exist. This time we’ll be handing our flyers about the 3 events we are holding in Chapel Arts in September and we’ll be taking membership forms.

Because you don’t know where the next great reader or great writer is coming from. Asda are even going to let us run the Travelling Bookstall downstairs if we have any takers. So turn up 4pm this Thursday so we can help relaunch our poetry cafe in a place that is accessible and will be safe for teenagers and fragile folks.

If you want more info contact us at or txt 07760993597