Feature poet:Ann Hamilton

DSCF5280When Ann was voted as audience choice in February 2013, we weren’t surprised. We did surprise us was she it was her second poetry reading. Her first in Andover was at Big Up Words celebration of National Poetry Day in October 2012. She impressed Steve Scholey, who was the winner of Andover Poetry competition 2012, with her mix of wit and self-deprecating humour. Andover by adoption, she lives in a village close to the town centre. She is currently building up a collection of her poetry on her open blog site Annode shades of life http://annode.wordpress.com and says of herself,
“I’m seventy-two years young,confirming the rumour
That despite my life I’ve  a sense of humour.”
Her next first as part of the 7 of the best. She will have a longer slot performing with the audience choice poets on Saturday May 11th at 1pm, at the Cafe Bridge. SP101BE