Salisbury Poetika no 58 features Shamanic, Salisbury’s own beat box poet

POETIKA 58 –  feat. Lucas Shamanic

Wednesday 19th September, 7.30 for 7.45, The Pheasant,
Salt Lane, Salisbury 

We’re back for the new season with a bang!

This month we’re featuring Salisbury’s own Lucas Shamanic to finish off our first and second halves of spoken word and acoustic music open mic.

“Lucas Shamanic is a poet, beatboxer, MC and all-round vocal artist whose forays range from performing at Boomtown to busking the streets of Japan. With his wickedly whimsical wordplay, he will ignite righteous fire and lead you across mighty oceans, galaxies and psychedelic forests (don’t get lost!). He is a force of nature, uncontainable by any continent or country, and he is always ready to get on any mic and start freestyling with gusto. If you build it, he will come.” (Find out more at :

It’s the usual start at 7.30 for 7.45, upstairs at The Pheasant, Salt Lane, Salisbury. We ask a contribution of £2-3 please towards expenses.

Our theme this month is FALLING

We welcome everyone who wants to read or sing their own work or that of others as well as those people who prefer only to listen.

Stop me Falling

Now the weather’s changed
I slide less
the soles of my walking boots
are made from a much better compound
than my normal footwear

I can walk and feel grip on
the new plastic boardwalk along the river
where in the summer I skated
serendipitous elegance
from a desperation to stay upright

if you were to walk with me
would you let me hook my arm in yours?
I did try once, but you pulled away
as if to suggest
I was some kind of Neanderthal

But I was not demonstrating superiority
I didn’t offer my arm, but sought yours
It’s always been me, begging
from you

John Bruce

All the best, Ria, Nicky, John and Dave