What’s coming up in winter! Part 1

We’ve got a fun year coming for Big Up Words. We’ll need you to come and play of course. First thing is

National Novel Writing Month

Nanowrimo sheild

Some of you may have heard of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) but for those of you that haven’t, here’s the low down. NaNoWriMo is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing! Writers begin on November 1st and work towards the incredible goal of writing a 50,000 word novel by 11.59pm on November 30th.

The Hampshire Scriber’s writing sessions are all on Saturdays in Andover Library from 14:00 – 15:30 and each has a unique theme:

  • October 17thPlanning or Pantsing what will I write about?
  • October 24th – How to attend the Night of Writing Dangerously
  • October 31st – Official NaNoWriMo Kick Off Party! (Halloween themed!)
  • November 7th – Blanket Fort Building
  • November 14th – Steampunk/Fantasy themed afternoon
  • November 21st – #Writefit
  • November 28th – Teddy Bear Picnic
  • December 5th – Thank God We Made It (TGWMI) Party! (Crowns and stars theme!)

All ages are welcome! Beth Hanson is now Hamshire’s ML. Our job is to prove we’ve got enough keen novelist to create Hampshire as its own part of the Nanowrimo verse. So Big Up Words will be helping Beth run fun FREE workshops in Andover library over from October 17th until December 5th. We’ll also be fundraising, our goal is £1,500 via sponsored writers and business sponsorship.

How can you help? Grab a sponsor and write a novel, help us fund raise or come along and help us help the novelist reach their goals.

See you all in October!


Andover Poetry Cafe has moved!

Yes the last ever poetry cafe will be at The Snug at The Lunar Hare, SP10 3AN.

We decided  to move because our poetry community doesn’t need another poetry cafe. What we need are poetry workshops, critique sessions and a support group.

Alan and Helen at The Lunar Hare have a background in theatre. They understand the arts at the grass roots level needs support to thrive. Everyone one had to have started somewhere. As long as support them with tea, coffee and cake then they are happy to have us use The Snug.

The Snug 2

What this means for Big Up Words is a little less fundraising and it will allow us to ask groups like Test Valley Arts foundation to bring up people like Dave Hubble and Matt West, who run excellent writing workshops. Plus Jonathon Jester of Yo Yo Goblin has offered us a workshop on how to perform in our Time Ring.

So our move makes sense…join us next Saturday for a intimate session of wonderful afternoon poetry.

One Afternoon poetry cafe-December 13th at the Rendezvous Cafe

Graham explaining about modern day Tarzan

Graham explaining about modern day Tarzan

One the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…an awesome poetry cafe! We have now found our permanent home at the Rendezvous Cafe, 8 Union St, Andover, SP10 1PA.

We will be starting at 1.30pm on Saturday 13th December with our new guest MC Damien O’Vitch. Open mic either email us here at bigupwords@gmail.com or tell us on Facebook or turn up on the day.

Our guests are going to be Graham Brown, an exceptional poet who has heart stopping, poignant poems and breath taking funny poems. We also have our first poetry show, with Bryn Strudwick and Brenda.

There will be tea, cake, a book tombola and a chance to browse our Travelling Bookstall for last minute presents.

After wards we will be having a small writers workshop and explaining how Sally Startup will be holding workshops at the Poetry cafe in January.

See you there..

Click here to see Bryn Strudwick Diamond Jubilee show

Roy Chatfield, Cat Randle, Bryn Strudwick, Marion Chatfield, John Secluna

Roy Chatfield, Cat Randle, Bryn Strudwick, Marion Chatfield, John Secluna

A chance to work with Forest Forge Theatre

Forest Forge Theatre Company are looking for local stories on the railways of the region to inform their latest play:  “Leaves on a Line”.

In partnership with The Lights Theatre in Andover, Forest Forge are creating a new piece of work that asks “what are you waiting for” and follows the story of a young woman looking at the two directions her life will take based on the choice she makes on a railway platform.  The history of the railways of Hampshire will tie into the play and letters from audience members will be read out as part of the piece.  The Director, Kirstie Davis, explains the importance of the research process:

“For the writer Dinos to gather local information about disused railways and the railways of the area is a crucial part of the research.  It helps make the piece relevant to the residents of Hampshire and there is so much information that we as a company do not know and need people to tell us.   We are really hoping we can meet people knowledgeable about the railways and trains of the area and their rich history.  As this is a piece of new writing we are also keen to meet those interested in writing who can contribute to the letters that might be read as part of the play”

Are you a performer, writer, historian or railway enthusiast or can you help us to spread the word about this great project.  This is a unique opportunity to shape a piece of theatre and make this into a true community project, but we need your help.

On 17th July, we will be holding a coffee morning at The Lights at 11.30am where you can meet the artist and find out more about the project and how you can get involved.  Please contact The Lights if you would like to be involved so Forest Forge can  cater for numbers for the 17th

Why do I need a creative writing support group?

Writers work in a vacuum. We have no idea how our work is going to be received. If we are writing for ourselves, then we can stop when we think it’s finished.

But, if we want to be more professional or make a living out of our work, we need to consider our audience.

Sometimes as writers we get stuck and need a helping hand.

This is where a good creative writing support group comes in. A good group will listen to your work, give constructive criticism and help you over whatever difficulty you are experiencing as a writer.

If you want to get a particular point across, the group’s feedback will let you know if you have got it right or another draft is needed.

They also help you keep your sanity. All writing is deeply personal and having a group of accepting people help you while you struggle through the writing process is a life saver.

With that in mind, and because you asked us for one, we are starting a creative writing support group this Saturday July 14th at Andover Public Library starting at 10 am and finishing at 12. All styles and genres are welcome.