Cafe Culture at The Lamb, Andover.

A great evening’s entertainment!

BigUpWords were on stage last night with a mini-poetry cafe and a live performance of scenes from “Miss Icarus”.

We were delighted to hear poems from Paul Owens, one of the winners of our 2013 poetry competition, and from our new friend David Gandy whose poems were charming, wry and insightful.  And Ivor and Cat also entertained and enlightened with their own poetical offerings.

Thanks to Kate and John for a captivating performance, with more than a passing nod to our very own playwright Roy Chatfield,

And a special thanks to Alex for organising the event.

Calling all actors and 3 directors

3 directors and loads of actors needed

Big Up Words has only got 3 weeks to find 3 directors and a dozen actors to take part in Play in a Day on September 29th in Andover. They are looking for actors between 16 and 60 to fill up the ten roles.

“It’s a massive acting and writing workshop and best of all its free,” says Big Up Words Chair Cat Randle. “The day starts at 9.30 and we all work until 4. Then each play will get to rehearse at The Bridge because we would like to invite the community to a rehearsed reading. There are a lot of people who would like to go to any theatre but can’t afford it. The disappointment over The Passion showed us that there needs to be affordable theatre in Andover. And by affordable we mean under a five pounds.”

Play in a day was due to take place in the Big Up Words festival in 2012 but the committee decided it was better to move it to 2013 so it didn’t clash with their other theatre production, Miss Icarus.

“Andover is currently the only community that is supporting new play writing in Hampshire,” say Cat Randle

The group are also looking for 2World War 2 style jackets and musical instrument cases as props.

If anyone can help please contact Cat Randle on 07760993597 or email

Calling All Actors And Directors

On September 29 we will be holding a free workshop to develop actors, writers and directors.

We have five plays in development, each written by a talented writer. For details of the plays see

We have opportunities for five directors to take a new piece of writing and bring it to performance for the first time.

There are also parts for seventeen actors to play characters with an age range from 17 to 60.

Each play will be rehearsed on the day. At 6pm each company will give a rehearsed reading of their piece before an audience.

Each actor will be cast in a 15 minute play. You will have one day to rehearse. At 6 pm you will give a rehearsed reading of the play before an audience. We are looking for a range of ages from 17 to 60 upwards.

You can register for an audition by contacting us via our contact form stating Play in a Day or send in the leaflet registration to:

Big Up Words
11 Greensey
Ragged Appleshaw
SP11 9HY


Feature poet:Ann Hamilton

DSCF5280When Ann was voted as audience choice in February 2013, we weren’t surprised. We did surprise us was she it was her second poetry reading. Her first in Andover was at Big Up Words celebration of National Poetry Day in October 2012. She impressed Steve Scholey, who was the winner of Andover Poetry competition 2012, with her mix of wit and self-deprecating humour. Andover by adoption, she lives in a village close to the town centre. She is currently building up a collection of her poetry on her open blog site Annode shades of life and says of herself,
“I’m seventy-two years young,confirming the rumour
That despite my life I’ve  a sense of humour.”
Her next first as part of the 7 of the best. She will have a longer slot performing with the audience choice poets on Saturday May 11th at 1pm, at the Cafe Bridge. SP101BE