About Us

Our goal is to encourage people in Andover and district, across the county and all age groups, to have fun with words. We know that when people across all walks of life in all areas of our community have fun with words, it improves their self esteem, life style and employment prospects. People do this by being confident speaking, reading, writing, sharing and enjoying words.

We are a non-profit community based organisation. In the last 4 years we have run 20 word related events such as poetry cafe’s, writers workshops, play writing showcases, independent book fairs and promoted and attended another 20 events where we promoted Hampshire writers and their books.

So we’ve provided access to local communities to workshops, provided support to Andover writers to help showcase their talents and showed Andover what an amazing bunch of talented creative writers we have here.

In 2016 we will continue to help Hampshire Scribers and promote poetry in Andover. We are going to have a poetry fundraising event in February and focus on promoting local authors to schools, reading groups and local craft fairs.

Started in 2011 by Cat Randle, Big Up Words has been enjoyed by a wide, diverse variety of Andover residents and by visitors to Andover.  It’s brought people into Andover for our events, from as far away as Bournemouth,Basingstoke and Portsmouth

But what do Andovarians think about our events?

“Very interesting and exciting to be in at the birth of a play. A really enjoyable evening. Well written, out standing performance, Very stimulating-JUST what we need.”

“Thought provoking poetry. Thank you for a great evening in a wonderful building, well read by all.”

If you would like to be involved, showcased or just have fun, drop an email to us at bigupwords@gmail.com

Big Up Words are:


Cat at a poetry cafe reading

Cat at a poetry cafe reading

Cat Randle is the founder of Big Up Words in 2011 as well as the chair.  She is a published children’s playwright, poet, television skit writer and SF and children’s short story author in NZ. In England she performs poetry regularly around the South East England, is a short story author, has a video on vimeo  and a Master of Arts in Creative and Critical Writing from Winchester University.


Other committee members are

Gavin Ketchen, Secretary
Dean Randle, Treasurer

If you would like to join our committee, please email us and we’ll let you know when our next party is. Party? Yes you did read that right. We DON’T like long boring committee meetings so we decided to have committee parties instead.  If you’d like to come email  bigupwords@gmail.com